Prevent Safety protective equipment marketed in Qatar

feb 3, 2015
Prevent Safety protective equipment marketed in Qatar

Prevent Safety is one of the oldest members of Prevent Group and its business operations significantly contribute to the success which the Group in BiH realizes continuously. It is located in Goražde, and this company employs over 100 staff members and it produces high quality protective equipment. In its production processes, Prevent Safety uses the state-of-the-art technology for production of protective equipment, and it is a partner of world renowned companies.

Nedžad Pita, Director of Prevent Safety, in the interview for portal, says that, with an annual production of over 1.5 million pairs of protective gloves, they are satisfied with the work performed in 2014, and that the work was in accordance with the plans.

“Besides the fact that we have achieved a significant growth in sale of protective equipment, new regional as well as international markets have been opened. For the first time, protective equipment from Prevent Safety was placed on the market of Qatar. This market has huge potential, and we recognized it, and thanks to the product quality of Prevent Safety, we have achieved a very good cooperation in this field. Also, our products are highly represented in the regional countries where significant demand of protective gloves has been recorded”, says Pita.

Therefore, the protective gloves are certainly recognizable brand of this company and are reflection of long-standing tradition and quality of Prevent Safety products. In Goražde plants, they have been produced already for 30 years, and process of material preparation, production, drying and vulcanization takes about 50 hours.

Pita notes that the Prevent Safety gloves proved to be very practical exactly thanks to undeniable quality of lining woven from synthetic yarn without seams in order to improve the comfort when worn.

Besides protective gloves, Prevent Safety produces the other equipment for protection at work, which is produced according to high quality standards. Besides the gloves, the working clothes are the most in demand at the market.

“On this occasion, I would like to highlight our product which additionally strengthens the competitiveness of Prevent Safety, and it is about the production of soft shell jackets, and we recorded a high demand for them in recent years”, he says.

He clarifies that this product is very popular amongst sport and climbing fans, and he underlines that Prevent Safety has technology and infrastructure for production of this type of jackets, and that they have already achieved significant sales growth in 2014.

Otherwise, Prevent Safety places a considerable part of products at the market outside BiH. Prevent Safety exports in almost all EU countries, and it has been present since recently in the area of South-West Asia. It exports over 30% of total turnover, while remaining 70% of turnover is achieved at the domestic market and it is a partner to major BiH companies dealing with production and sale.

“Prevent Safety is oriented to businesses, but a part of product can be found in broad sale through certain retail chains with which we work. The demand is based on the needs of companies operating in the segment of industry. Unfortunately, in addition to domestic production with high quality, a high percentage of the total import in BiH is related exactly to protective equipment. Due to lower prices, the buyers still opt for products from Asian countries”, explains Pita and adds that they work for large companies from the field of industry.

Speaking of business strategy for the forthcoming period, our interlocutor points out that Prevent Safety follows the business strategy of Prevent Group which is continuously oriented to growth and development.

“From the beginning of our production in BiH, we have opened over 100 work positions and nowadays we are leading manufacturer of protective equipment in BiH and in region. In 2015, we plan new projects and further market expansion. The strategic goals are related to expansion of product range, as well as investment in new technologies” emphasizes Pita.

In addition, the work is continuously ongoing on strengthening brand in BiH and region, and the negotiations are ongoing in relation to introducing new products at the regional market.

He mentions that Prevent Safety will continue certainly to invest in the care of community and staff members, and by applying sustainable development strategy, they will ensure long-term competitiveness and stability of business operations.

“In recent years, Prevent Safety has seen continuous growth. We have invested significant resources in development of new products and market expansion which resulted in this good results. The fact is that BiH, in addition to excellent potential for industry development, is still less attractive to investors in relation to the regional countries. This is primarily due to poor infrastructure and lack of legal regulations which would facilitate business operations for businessmen. There are certainly huge burdens and bureaucratic procedures. Prevent Safety seeks to overcome the above-mentioned barriers, and our goal is to offer a good practice example for successful business and contribution to development of BiH economy”, says Prevent Safety Director.