BlueFox Low S3

BlueFox Low S3

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Proizvođač: Lemaitre

Upper part: Water-repellent grain leather of 2,2 mm. Polycarbonate cap
Lining: Three-dimensional textile
Insole: Anatomic
Sole type: Sole CO/ PU2D
Two-component injection molded polyurethane. Anti-static, resistant to
petrol and oil. S3 – steel midsole.
Protective cap type: Polycarbonate
Protective insole type: Stainless steel
– Antistatic footwear
– Shock absorption via heel
– Sole resistance to oil and petrol
– Protection against puncture
– Upper part resistance to puncture and water absorption
– Protection against cold via sole
– Sole resistance to ceramics and steel
Size: 35-47


CE EN ISO 20345