Prevent Safety

Recognizable brand

Prevent Safety, member of Prevent Group in BiH, produces high-quality protective equipment. It is located in Goražde, and this company employs over 100 employees and its business is linked to the beginning of business operations of Prevent Group. Besides traditional brand Prevent gloves, we produce protective clothes, footwear, as well as accessories for protection of hearing, head and respiratory tract. Prevent Safety offers the possibility to produce the equipment according to specific requirements of customers.

In its production processes, Prevent Safety uses the state-of-the art technologies for production of protective equipment and it is a partner of world renowned companies. We export products in almost all European countries, as well as in areas of Asia, Africa and South America.

Vision & Mission


To become best quality producer and trader of protective equipment in the area of region with wider product placement at the market outside the region.


To provide our partners with exceptionally high quality products, competitive prices, even higher level of social responsibility, as well as employment of additional staff members through new production programs.




Prevent protective gloves have been produced in our plants already for 30 years. Weight of one pair of gloves is 125 grams. The process of material preparation, production, drying, vulcanization until the final product is obtained – one pair of PREVENT gloves – lasts about 50 hours.
Prevent gloves have directly appeared as very worthy thanks to the undeniable quality of lining which is woven from synthetic yarn without seams in order to improve comfort when worn. The palms and fingertips are coated with a layer of molded rubber and sphenoidal tips which enables safe and firm holding of any product, either smooth or rough one. The forefinger and thumb are reinforced with double layer rubber in all their length. The back is coated with slim rubber layer which enables better ventilation. Prevent Safety gloves are suitable for handling of hot objects and work at low temperatures. They are washable repeatedly in washing machine at a temperature of 40°C by using ordinary detergents without possibility of damage. They are used in construction, steel production, transport, road works, quarries, wood industry, forestry, maritime affairs and fishery, agriculture etc.